10 Reasons You Should Participate in a Cannabis Study

10 Reasons You Should Participate in a Cannabis Study

Here are the top ten reasons you should participate in a cannabis study:

10. You maybe financially compensated for your study. Money, yes money.

9. If you are not interested or comfortable after weighing the benefits and risks involved in the study, you can say “no” to participating. Your participation is at will.

8. You don’t need health insurance to receive medical care

7. You may receive full diagnostic testing even better than your typical physical to qualify to participate

6. You will have access to doctors without having to wait months for an appointment

5. You may gain access to new strains, medications, testing supplies and/or procedures before they are widely available or even legal in your state that may improve your health.

4. You will gain the opportunity to learn more about treatment options for your health, illness and/or condition, and improve your quality of life.

3. You will be contributing to the wellbeing of society and the advancement of medical research




Yup. I thought so. Here’s how you can participate…



As the cannabis market emerges, it can be hard to find a way to help. Sure you could give money to a cause, but there’s a better way to support the progress of the cannabis industry. Are you familiar with the phrase, “more research is needed…” Cannabis researchers have been studying the health benefits and risks of marijuana for sometime, but there’s still plenty more we need to prove it’s benefits and continue to ensure legalization. The marijuana movement has helped to pave the way for more effective research practices, including a wider variety of cannabis products, a larger number of willing study participants.

Prior to legalization, marijuana research was often funded by anti-pot groups persuading researchers to negatively conclude about cannabis. Research could one be done in one government-sponsored cultivation facility on the same five low quality strains. As legalization spreads, the need for more proven information about the benefits of cannabis is imperative.

ClinicalTrials.gov is the largest clinical trials database that provides information on both publicly and privately supported clinical studies on various diseases and conditions. The site is maintained by the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Studies submit their process on the site and allows for participants to enroll. You can participate in one of thousands of ongoing trials. While participating in the clinical intervention, you are evaluated for the effects and outcomes of a predetermined plan or protocol.  

If you look through the site and find a study you would like to participate in, reach out the other record manager.  The trial record manager typically provides an initial registration prior to enrollment. If you are not interested or comfortable after weighing the benefits and risks involved in the study, you can say “no” to participating. Otherwise your trial manager will keep in touch with you and let you know the status of the trial throughout the study.

You may find that you may directly benefit from this study of cannabis. Or you may be in the control group and receive a placebo drug and not notice any benefits. Either way, cannabis research studies provide valuable information, and helps researchers gather important information about cannabis. Your participation will help shape the future of medical cannabis care.

Ready to enroll? You can find a study at ClinicalTrials.gov

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  1. Marie

    Great info here. I’ve never considered participating in a clinical study, but now maybe I’ll check it out.

    Legalization of marijuana is happening in our area and many surrounding small towns are voting on cultivation & dispensary licenses, etc. I think it’s important for residents to realize the benefits of cannabis and think outside the box. I have a feeling if some of the nay-sayers participated they’d reconsider their thoughts on the topic.

  2. Crystal

    I’m definitely going to check into this! I think it would be pretty cool to be part of a cannabis study but I never would have known how to find the info for it. Thanks!

  3. Andrea

    WOW! What great info. I never knew there were cannabis studies so available, that’s very interesting. I’m definitely intrigued and will be lookin into them and I’ll have to share your page with a couple of friends.

  4. Val Breeze

    Interesting post. I received an email about a CBD trial and wanted to know more (ie. Are they legit, is it a scam, what are legal ramifications)? I look forward to learning more from your website.

  5. Merry Ferro

    This is an interesting article. I did not know that they had such clinical trials for medical marijuana. It would be interesting to know what some of the more popular trials are available on the website.

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