offers cannabis + mental health online education for providers and patients. With cannabis legalization sweeping the nation, PTSD, opioid use disorder, anxiety, and other various mental illnesses are amongst the most common qualifying conditions for the medical use of cannabis. 

Mental health diagnoses are best treated by psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists. Finding the right provider is an important step towards proper treatment of all mental health conditions. 

However cannabis programs have lumped mental health conditions in with all the other qualifying conditions. Patients are left to seeking treatment from medical doctors who are not well versed to address their specific mental health needs, and do not provide ongoing care for their needs. Psychiatrists, who are already in short supply and high demand, are the only mental health practitioners included in medical cannabis programs.

None of this has stopped mental health patients from asking question of their unknowing therapists, and using cannabis/CBD without understanding the implications on their health…sometimes with detrimental effects.

The Calm, Cool & Collected is dedicated to filling these gaps in medical cannabis care as it applies to mental health. Psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists all need learning opportunities to best support their clients, and their clients need to be able to depend on their providers to support their needs regarding cannabis/cbd.

Laura Geftman, LCSW


I’m the founder of The Calm, Cool & Collected as I’ve changed her mind about cannabis and believe you should, too. I suffered the tragic loss my father amidst the opioid epidemic, and I’ve come to believe cannabis will be the answer to opioid epidemic and so much more. So I’m helping therapists and their clients understand how cannabis and CBD could be added to their mental health toolboxes.

As an accomplished psychotherapist, healthcare marketer, and content producer, I’ve consulted for various cannabis & CBD businesses, provided commentary for media sources including BuzzFeed, Parade, Lift & Co, and continuing education for the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals, and Rutgers University. I currently reside in Philadelphia. I’ve been awarded the title of “Best Dog Aunt Ever” by more than a few owners, love experimenting with food, and I’m getting better at cooking every meal, every day.


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Canna-curious is cool. Before using, please be sure to consult a medical/mental health professional
if you are:
• under 25 years old
• taking any medication 
• at risk for heart disease
• family history psychosis
• family history of mood disorders
• family history of addiction

Jerry Opthof

Jerry Opthof

Dr. Opthof is a cognitive behavioral forensic psychotherapist practicing in New Jersey. He's a member of the American Counseling Association. He has counseled individuals with addictive disorders such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, sexual, and computer addictions.
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Ally Galanty

Ally Galanty

Knowledge Navigator
Ally is a Sr. in health communications at Grand Valley State University. She's passionate about holistic medical approaches and strives to serve as a voice for those who have felt failed by traditional medical approaches. A lover of dogs and beach days, Ally is always a sucker for a nice sunsets, too.
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Ana Betancourt

Health Educator
Ana is most interested in helping communities heal and strive to by helping improve their nutrition and mental health. She would like to change the world by ensuring that healthcare is affordable and accessible to everyone to prevent the rates of chronic diseases from rising.
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Angela Kliks

Angela Kilks

Computer Conductor
Angela is most interested in the everchanging tech field. She attended Grace Hopper Celebration- bringing women in computing together. Originally interested in coding & programming, she's now into cyber security & graphic design...not to mention great coffee.
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Angela Morrison

Angela Morrison

Copy Cruncher
Angela is happy to put her creative writing skills to work to educate others. She lives in Philadelphia and often spends her free time playing video games at home with her fiancee and five cats or taking her dog on a hike.
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Aparna Dev

Social Media Trailblazer
Aparna is a Neurobiology major entering her second year at Georgetown University. She is passionate about scientific research, human rights advocacy, and volunteer outreach. In her free time, Aparna loves to paint at her local creek and catch sunrises at the beach. 
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Caroline Platzman

Caroline Platzman

Behavioral Health Counselor
Caroline Platzman is a Behavioral Health Counselor working with adults diagnosed with schizophrenia. She is passionate about mental health, journalism, nonprofit advocacy, and public relations. Caroline is also a dedicated guitarist and artist in her free time.
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Dax Cohen

Dax Cohen

Communications Coordinator
Dax (she/her), a Philly native & Temple grad, is passionate about mental health, environmental advocacy, and social justice. In her free time, she likes to cook, listen to podcasts, and spend time with her pet snails. 
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Gianna Acquavella

Digital Designer
Gianna keeps this site looking great. She excels at Illustrator and InDesign. She also loves charcoal and acrylic. In her free time, she likes to paint, hike and go on day trips around her native New Jersey. Check out her IG!
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Jakob Degenshein

Strategic Advertising Specialist
Jake is as an advocate for mental health and a strategic digital advertising specialist. Soon completing his marketing degree at University of Lynchburg, he’s pursuit of his MBA. He is passionate about coaching, track & field, cooking, mental health, photography, and animals.
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Kristen Richardson

Kristen Richardson

Social Change Scribe
Kristen is a blogger, writer, and an aspiring counselor. She is passionate about working with underserved communities. You can usually flying to a new destination- she loves traveling, and experiencing new places and new people!
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Melanie Perez

Melanie Perez

Caregiver Coordinator
Melanie is a cannabis patient and passionate about making a meaningful impact on the world around her. Strong, motivating, and intelligent, Melanie wants to be a part of changing the way people see them. She’s from Fall River, Massachusetts where she lives her girlfriend and two guinea pigs.
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Narinka Guichette

Clear Vision Engineer
Narinka Guichette is passionate about mental health, behavioral psychology, social justice, and criminal justice- all of which she’s studying at Emmanuel College. In her free time, she enjoys reading and singing.
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Rebecca Dayan

Writing Rockstar
Rebecca is an aspiring content writer living in Washington, D.C. She is passionate about reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction. Beyond writing and activism, she loves vintage fashion, playing guitar, and snuggling with her cat Mazzy. 
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Ritu Patel

Thoughtful Creator
Ritu embraces a whole person approach helping people feel beautiful inside- as a Penn State psych / social science major and out- as a Freelance Makeup Artist. She also enjoys reading, researching, social media, dancing and hanging out with loved ones.
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Shannon DeGrooms

Editor Extraordinary
Shannon (she/her) is the Executive Director of This is Jane Project and a Freelance Writer/Editor at the intersection of cannabis and social justice. When she’s not writing, Shannon is likely eating tacos, healing complex trauma, or watching CBS’s Survivor.
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