Whether you just wanna learn more about cannabis or CBD, or are looking for new ways to manage your mental health- you’re in the right place. 

Since you’re here- something tells me you’re curious and open minded about cannabis and highly motivated to create soothing, healing and/or recovery in your life. 

But maybe you…

  • Have no clue about managing your mental health 
  • Need more information about cannabis and CBD
  • Are struggling to find well-informed mental health professionals with whom you can have honest conversations about cannabis
  • Have been using cannabis for but need more targeted info for your symptoms
  • Work in the cannabis industry and want more information about how your products effect your customers

No matter what you’re experience is managing your mental health or using cannabis- this is the place for you. 

You want to gain the knowledge to make well informed choice about your health and well-being. 

You are ready to make sense of what’s fake news, sponsored, fact, and fiction. 

But you just don’t know what to make of it all. 

Trust me, friend. I get what you’re thinking and know how you feel. 

That said- 

Here’s what The Calm, Cool & Collected is all about…

•As mental health professionals, we are all dedicated to act honestly and responsibly in promoting ethical practices and legal substance use (when deemed helpful.)

•We aren’t looking to make 22 billion dollars in the cannabis industry. We won’t be trying to sell you any and all the cannabis products we can get you to buy.

•We aspire to contribute to the knowledge base of the mental health profession and cannabis/CBD consumers alike.

•We fully believe that cannabis can do some good in the world. 

…but we have work to do to best know everything we need to know to use it safely and responsibly. 

•We draw on our knowledge, values, and skills to ensure you access to needed information, services, and resources.

Overall cannabis seems to really have some medicinal qualities to aid mental health…and we’re gonna help you figure it all out!

Laura Geftman, LCSW


I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, an advertising/marketing professional, and now a blogger. I created The Calm, Cool & Collected. After working to support those struggling with addiction for 10+ years, I turned a corner about cannabis use after I lost my father to opioid addiction. Once I started reading more about how cannabis can prevent other’s addictions, I knew I needed to know more and more. 

Over the past few years, I’ve found that mental health is very much a part of the cannabis conversation. PTSD, anxiety, addiction, depression- it’s seemed to me that everyone’s talking about mental health. However most of the education was in effort to sell products or services. The Calm, Cool & Collected was founded in effort to offer unbiased educational information about cannabis and mental health.

Seeing as the cannabis industry is rapidly growing, I’ve found it hard to stay on top of all the developments alone. I’ve asked for the help of other highly qualified mental health professionals to best provide you all the information about cannabis and mental health you need. 

Here’s the team…

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Canna-curious is cool. Before using, please be sure to consult a medical/mental health professional
if you are:
• under 25 years old
• taking any medication 
• at risk for heart disease
• family history psychosis
• family history of mood disorders
• family history of addiction

Jerry Opthof

Jerry Opthof

Dr. Opthof is a cognitive behavioral forensic psychotherapist practicing in New Jersey. He's a member of the American Counseling Association. He has counseled individuals with addictive disorders such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, sexual, and computer addictions.
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Angela Kliks

Angela Kilks

Computer Conductor
Angela is most interested in the everchanging tech field. She attended Grace Hopper Celebration- bringing women in computing together. Originally interested in coding & programming, she's now into cyber security & graphic design...not to mention great coffee.
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Gianna Acquavella

Digital Designer
Gianna keeps this site looking great. She excels at Illustrator and InDesign. She also loves charcoal and acrylic. In her free time, she likes to paint, hike and go on day trips around her native New Jersey. Check out her IG!
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Meg Costa

Meg Costa

Cannabis Consultant
Meghan is freelance journalist from South Philly, where she also works at dispensary. She is interested in helping others heal from trauma through cannabis and other holistic methods. She plans to pursue a master’s counseling. You can find Meghan biking around Philly, hiking with friends or cuddling with her cat June. 
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Caroline Platzman

Caroline Platzman

Behavioral Health Counselor
Caroline Platzman is a Behavioral Health Counselor working with adults diagnosed with schizophrenia. She is passionate about mental health, journalism, nonprofit advocacy, and public relations. Caroline is also a dedicated guitarist and artist in her free time.
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Mattias Sommers

Mattias Sommers

Mental Health Warrior
Mattias is a strong supporter of the use of cannabis & CBD to treat mental health. Leading with empathy and understanding, Mattias hopes to educate others to help others live a more fulfilling life. Mattias’ self-care routine includes art, poetry, photography, and caring for her dog Josie.
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Janaé Lewis

Janaé Lewis

Image Engineer
Janae studied photography at University of the Arts London. She currently works as a freelance photographer and in customer service in Detroit, Michigan. She enjoys traveling and crafting.
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Josh Brocco

Josh Brocco

Connoisseur of Commas
Josh otherwise known as "JD" is first and foremost a writer. Not a day goes by that he's not writing. He has a passion for screenplays, and hopes to produce one in the near future. Besides writing, he loves music and cooking.
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Ana Betancourt

Health Educator
Ana is most interested in helping communities heal and strive to by helping improve their nutrition and mental health. She would like to change the world by ensuring that healthcare is affordable and accessible to everyone to prevent the rates of chronic diseases from rising.
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