Unfortunately, there are no openings at this time but we’re always happy to make new friends. Please feel free to introduce yourself, tell us what you’re passionate about, and why we should consider working with you in the future! We hope to virtually meet you soon:


Part time and freelance gigs are the best when you can find them. The bummer is- we don’t have any to offer right now. Please know we’re always on the lookout. So please send us an email and let us know who you are and how we might work together soon! We can’t wait other from you:


We’re not talkin’ fetching coffee or making photocopies. This is real, get-your-hands-dirty kinda work! If you’re looking to build a portfolio, get school credit or just see your name on a website/byline, this is the internship for you!

Put your best foot forward! Send us a resume, cover letter, IG, writing samples…whatever you think is best! We can wait to see what you send us:



Would you like to submit contributing articles and get published? The Calm, Cool & Collected is always looking for contributing writers to add new voices and/or different expertise.

We aim to engage our readers by advancing the cannabis conversation, and introducing new solutions and actionable information. Our digestible content takes a specific kind of writer with knowledge and yet a quippy succinctness- straightforward scientific facts with a smile. We are not looking to recreate cannabis businesses’ press releases or sponsored posts. Our communications incorporate the benevolent compassion of well-being. We require that you include research while drawing on your own experience.

We do NOT want to receive completed pieces for our site. We would, however, like to receive links to writing samples, published content, social media posts, your bio- whatever you think shows off your stuff! Keep reading for more details…


The Calm, Cool & Collected reflects an intimately curated ensemble of artwork that is inherently a testament to the cannabis culture. We are always looking for new artists to feature on our website, in our social media, and to provide items to sell in our e-commerce shop. If you are an artist, photographer, videographer, filmmaker, crafter, illustrator, or designer keen on raising your profile and attract more client, we hope you’ll consider submitting your work. We would showcase your work such that you can get your name out there and grow your business.

The Calm, Cool & Collected hopes to feature all kinds of creative work and give it a platform for telling the interesting visual stories. Work featured here tends to have a modern, contemporary, clean vibe. We also have an appreciation for underground style and free street art. Some works should actually include images of the cannabis plant. Others don’t have but should evoke the feeling of the brand. Clearly we gravitate towards the use of greens, blues, grays, black, and white but all colors are exceptional. Can’t wait to see your work! Keep reading for more details…


All submissions are reviewed weekly. Please note: we are unable to respond to all submissions. Following up will not speed up our review process and will not improve the likelihood of acceptance. Regretfully we are not able to provide feedback when submissions are not selected. If your submission is selected, we will be in touch.

For the writers and artists selected, please consider the following:

  • All submissions are subject to editing
  • Copy, art and links may be added at the discretion of The Calm, Cool & Collected team.
  • Articles and art may or may not be promoted across The Calm, Cool & Collected communications including the website, social media, newsletter, etc…
  • The Calm, Cool & Collected may permit a select number of partner outlets to syndicate action at the end of  your post.
  • You can repost any content you publish with The Calm, Cool & Collected if you link back to the site.
  • You will be able to see how well your work was received with performance data shared monthly by The Calm, Cool & Collected.


It’s time to submit! The Calm, Cool & Collected is always grateful for the opportunity to consider your work. Please email your submission to Make sure to include links to your portfolio and/or social media. Thank you!