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The Calm, Cool & Collected is a fast growing cannabis + mental health blog created in July 2018. Our goal us to inform and empower consumers about the emerging cannabis market as it applies to mental health. We share research findings and statistics while providing recommendations and reviews infused with culture and adventure.

Today’s bloggers and influencers are yesterday’s television spokes-people and radio disc jockeys. There’s been a shift in reaching consumers as they are turning to people they know and personalities that resonate with

them. They now tune into the information on their computers and phones more than tv & radio. Investing in a partnership with content creators can help build awareness of your brand.

The Calm, Cool & Collected provides businesses and consumers various opportunities to connect. Each of our communications delivers helpful messaging to educate consumers. We could, of course, also educate them about your brand. This is a great marketing tool for every budget!

“Transparency, authenticity, and accountability are the keys to successful branding.”

Laura Geftman, LCSW

If you already read the About page, you know I went from an Addiction Therapist to a Cannabis Coach, but before that…

I worked in global marketing and corporate advertising producing work for high profile accounts such as Coca-Cola, Lowes, MasterCard, and Sprint. Check out my reel below!

I have developed an understanding of content creation on the highest level, and have since lent my skills to marketing  to breaking stigma around mental health and supporting clients to create and maintain positive change. The Calm, Cool & Collected  team and I would be happy to partner with you to create content and drive sales for your business, too!
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