Get Involved: The Norml Foundation

Get Involved: The Norml Foundation

Volunteering for this cannabis advocacy agency, you’ll be amongst your friends, neighbors, leaders and celebrity alike. You’ll be in the company of Willie Nelson, Bill Maher, Woody Harrelson, and more. Norml is a nonprofit that’s been providing a voice for Americans who oppose marijuana prohibition for over 40 years. The organization represents tens of millions of Americans who use marijuana responsibly and believe the recreational and medicinal use should no longer be a crime- i.e. decriminalization.

Norml support the responsible adult use of cannabis. Not kids. No misconduct or bad behavior. They discourage driving and operating heavy equipment while stoned. Since 1972, they have strongly supported patients’ rights to use marijuana as medicine. Additionally Norml supports farmers’ right to cultivate hemp/non-psychoactive cannabis for industrial purposes.

To support these efforts, Norml lobbies Congress and state legislatures providing expert witnesses for hearings in support of legislation reform. Norml also serves as a marijuana law advocate with media nationwide. They offer a 50 state legislative tracking system to send free faxes and emails to state and federal elected officials. They had organized a legal committee to of criminal defense attorneys nationwide 

There’s also the Norml Foundation that educates the public on marijuana policy through advertising and media campaigns. The Foundation distributes a weekly news advisory to media outlets and Norml members, conducts and publishes special reports, and provides legal support to victims of current marijuana laws.

Volunteering for Norml, there’s plenty to be done! With chapters from coast to coast, volunteers gather signatures, make volunteer recruitment calls, data entry and talk face to face with voters. They also start and grow local chapters, manage events and continue the legalization movement.

Sign up now on the Norml website:

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