Essential Oil Diffusers

Lightweight and compact MONQ Oil Diffusers are a portable and personal air diffuser that, via aromatherapy, positively enhances mood, concentration, and energy levels, while also assisting in lowering stress. Available in 11 different ready-to-use blends, simply choose your blend based on how you want to feel; the essential oils have been specifically designed to promote mental and physical wellness. Made from organic and natural ingredients, This Diffuser’s essential oils contain no nicotine or artificial flavorings. Each diffuser functions by transforming the essential oils and coconut-derived vegetable glycerin into water vapor for easy absorption.

  • •  personal aromatherapy diffuser
  • •  breath-activated & requires zero charging
  • •  delivers aromatic vapor
  • •  leak-proof, portable & pocket-sized
  • •  11 different blends to choose from
  • •  made from organic & natural ingredients




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